IPIR is an Italian company located in Rimini specialized in the production of Recomposed Wood Veneer.
The Firm directly descends from a company founded in 1920 which, in 1960, turned to the production of Recomposed Veneer
reproducing the colours of the various natural wood types and has exclusively dedicated itself to this manufacturing field ever since.
It is precisely this long experience, along with our advanced technological knowledge and quality control, that allows us to offer a product that is, at present, the best available on the market for quality, price, variety of colours.
Our recomposed veneers are a favourable alternative to natural veneers with regard to both price and production processing as they can guarantee the highest reliability of the chromatic tones and can be supplied in sizes specifically designed to allow their best utilization.
This product can be more easily applied on panels than natural veneer because it doesn't imply any waste. Being manufactured in real natural wood of superior quality, Ipir's recomposed veneers will require, in their subsequent utilizations, the same working procedures as natural veneers such as gluing, sanding and polishing for example.
Thanks to our technologically advanced facilities and dyeing departments, our products ensure very resistant colours and guarantee a peerless stability of their quality in time. For these reasons Ipir's recomposed veneers are exported all around the world and are appreciated also for their prices that are highly competitive because the natural essences are directly purchased from Africa and from the Countries that supply the raw materials, always in strict respect of the forest ecosystem.
Ipir can supply more than 500 models of the rarest and most valuable burl essences that can be provided in sheets of various thicknesses (from 0,3 mm to 2,5 mm) and in solid blocks depending the customers' requirements. All our models can be supplied in a very large range of patterns, colours and chromatic combinations that make our veneers particularly suitable for the production of many different materials.