The experience gained in the sector combined with deep technological knowledge and rigorous quality control make IPIR products the best solution currently available on the market.

Thanks to the use of technologically advanced systems and qualified chemical personnel, we are able to guarantee resistant colours, characterized by unparalleled stability over time.

Ease of application.

IPIR veneers are scrupulously studied by internal technicians in order to guarantee to the customer the  easiest application and an optimal use of the product in order to limit the waste of this precious material as much as possible and respect the environment.

IPIR offers over 500 models in sheets of variable thickness from 0.3 mm to 3 mm or in solid blocks depending on the customers requests.

Lengths avaliable from 220 cm to 340 cm.

Width avaliable from 65 cm to 125 cm.

The reconstituted veneer models in the Catalogue are available in a vast range of grains, colors or chromatic combinations.



find the perfect combination of color, essence and model.


Maple, Decapé and Oak

Discover our recomposed wood veneers reproducing the essences of Maple, Decapé and Oak.


Cherry, Rosewood and Mahogany

Discover our recomposed wood veneers, mirroring all the brightness of the essences of Cherry,Rosewood and Mahogany.


Teak and Rosewood

Discover our recomposed wood veneers inspired by the warm colors of the desert, giving the same emotions of Teak and Rosewood essences.


Walnut and Wengé

Coffe, Discover our recomposed wood veneers mirroring the essences of Walnut and Wengé.

dark savana

 Wengé, Macassar ed Ebony

Discover our recomposed wood veneers reproducing all the naturalness of the true essences from Black Africa: Wengé, Macassar ed Ebony.

Discover our fancy colored recomposed wood veneers. Choose from the different combinations of essences and models available.

Our Special recomposed wood veneers are designed for those looking for a modern and at the same time refined product.

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