For the production of veneers, IPIR uses raw materials of the highest quality and cutting-edge technologies which ensure its veneers a high degree of compactness and, for its customers, the widest freedom of choice regarding dimensions and thickness, thus making it suitable to the most varied processing requirements. The technological specifics of our material allow it to be used in various applications:


Slicing is a process which consists in cutting the IPIR block into sheets of the thickness you desire between 0.3mm and 3mm. Long years of experience and research have allowed IPIR to refine this art and the skill to manage any possible arising complexity or variation, offering to its customers the possibility to realise a very high quality slicing, with a uniform thickness, which eliminates wastes and incorrect cuts from an operation otherwise not always satisfactory.


The application of the Ipir veneer to panels of any material allows to obtain a decorative effect identical to that obtained from solid wood but with significantly lower costs and above all, granting a perfect replicability of the color tone in the long term.

The flexibility combined with the resistance of our material, allow you to proceed with the veneering even on curved panels and adapt them perfectly to any type of surface.

The application method most commonly used by our customers is veneering using heat presses which allow the veneer to adhere to the panel by means of an adhesive which is placed between the veneer and the panel.

Veneering is a technique used for the production of furniture, floors, doors or any other upholstered element, offering endless customization or finishing possibilities.


Our product is also suitable for veneering uneven surfaces: the hot presses used can have the most varied moulds and also important grooves.

This process requires a veneer with a high degree of compactness and elasticity, and IPIR can be proud of having obtained after years of experience and researches a product suitable to every production requirement.



During the milling phases, Ipir guarantees the homogeneity and compactness of each of its products, essential qualities to resist even the most delicate milling operation and give a final result free of imperfections.


Sawing is an operation that is carried out by customers who buy whole blocks. The block can be cut according to your production requirements in the desired way and in the necessary dimensions without any thickness limit.


Ipir veneers do not undergo any color variations during the sanding phases because they are deep-dyed and not varnished.