our history




Ipir was founded in 1920 by Natale Zangheri in Rimini, an east coast city in northern Italy. With the passing of time and research, Natale and his son Cesare transformed the production in a large-scale manufacturing of recomposed veneers. Years and ideas went by and, from a little locally known activity, IPIR began to attract customers from all over the world thanks to its innovative products.




In 1960 Cesare Zangheri took over the leading of the company and after deep studies, research activity and numerous tests, along with a team of technicians started to a manufacturing process that would eventually give life to the Ipir veneers. Finally a new decorative wooden sheet suitable for any kind of panels or any other furniture component, could be launched on the market. Still today the versatility and the replicability of the product make Ipir veneers unique in their kind.




Since 1974, the company has further expanded its production in order to meet the newly increased demand of goods. Customers from all over the world started referring to IPIR to satisfy their various production needs, relying on our exclusive ability to adapt our veneers characteristics to the requirements of each kind of manufacturing proceedings. Consequently in those years Cesare Zangheri had to move his factory to a new larger location, where all the entire production system was developed in a more modern key, always paying an ever increasing attention to the environment and the well-being of his company employees.




Cesare’s children, Barbara and Paolo Zangheri are currently at the helm of the company which, despite the incredible growth of the business, has never lost its family management, as well as the guarantee of a completely MADE IN ITALY product. Today, Barbara and Paolo’s children represent the fourth generation of Ipir, learning the job from their parents and carrying on the tradition in order to make customers satisfied as they have always been.


All good in our wood. We MUST take care of our planet and our business is based on the respect of the environment.

Ipir  FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) is certified , the mark of responsible forestry: ICILA – COC – 000267; ICILA-CW-000267.

The FSC® is internationally recognized and guarantees that the product has been manufactured with raw materials deriving from forests properly managed according to the principles of two main standards: the forest management and the chain of custody.


Anyway, our attention towards the Earth is not merely expressed through a certification but also through a clean production process, and ensuring the best treatment of the raw material in order to avoid any type of waste.

As veneer panels can be classified according to formaldehyde emissions, our standard production complies with the criteria of UNI EN 13986, class E1, the only one recommended by the World Health Organization. To satisfy even the most demanding regulations, our materials can also be produced without any formaldehyde addition.

To ensure maximum reliability and transparency, the origin of our wood is certified in compliance with the EU Timber Regulation, a tool with which the European Union intends to prevent the illegal trade of wood in its member countries.